Ek Hi Khwab

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Kinara - Ek Hi Khwab, Lyrics of Gulzar and music by RD Burman...

Ek hi khwab kai baar dekha hai maine
tune saari main uras lee hai meri chabiyan ghar ki
Aur chali aayi hai
bus yoon hi mera haath pakad kar
ek hi khwab kai baar

Mej par phool sajate hue
dekha hai kai baar
aur bistar se kai baar
jagaya hai tujhko
chalte phirte tere kadmon ki vo
aahat bhi suni hai

Gungunati hui nikli hai naha kar jab bhi
Apne bheege hue baalon se tapakta paani
mere chahre pe chhitak deti hai tu, tiku ki bachhi

Taash ke patton pe ladti hai
kabhi kabhi khel main mujhse
aur ladti bhi hai aise ki bus
khel rahi hai mujhse
aur aagosh ko nanhe ko liye

aur jaanti ho tiku,
jab tumhara yeh khwab dekha tha,
apne bistar pe main us waqt pada
jaag raha tha….

Life is a paradox...

Life is a paradox, you are damned if you do and damned if you do not

Sometimes contradictions created by human vagaries come across your life now and then, and you get depressed for no reason whatsoever. The situation becomes ironical when contradictions don’t depress you but the fact that you know they are contradictions. Perhaps I am too much overwhelmed by the paradoxical nature of my life or perhaps you are too much ignorant to care about precise irony living in you. May be the case is that you are living in irony. Wait, it may also be the case that you are living irony. See, that’s what irony of the situation is, that you are unable to comprehend the irony of irony.

To an (and any) ordinary eye at first glance it will seem that I am just quibbling because I have no other work. The latter part maybe true but I certainly am not quibbling. It is the hardest of fact to realise, which I have known from my experience, that life is paradoxical in nature at its most fundamental truth. I am talking about life, the life that is being lead by human beings, the life that we have created and we are created from it.

This life revolves around irony (or irony revolves around life?? you know! the situation is somewhat messy). Now if you are thinking that this revolution has to do something with centripetal/centrifugal force, then you are utterly hopeless. ‘revolve’ here simply means that the two things are interconnected with each other to very basic level which are difficult(almost impossible) to detach from each other. I said ‘almost impossible’ and not ‘impossible’ because I consider myself not an absolute expert and there maybe someone who (like God or some great saint or some business tycoon, well) was successful in detaching these. But as far as ordinary man goes and as far as I have seen and conceived no one could escape the jaws of paradox in his life.

I am not going to prove how life is paradoxical, because it will clutter the paradox more. Maybe I am not capable to explain it or maybe this is journey that a man himself has to travel, but to put things more into perspective, we will go through some examples.

Every religion says god is one but then why so many gods exist in our lives after all?

The same men who love each other, they fight with each other for the sake of pieces of land, ideas of religion and for their egos.

Why did India get divided? Why it was Jinnah who won and not Azad and Gandhi?

Why do we think of India as the greatest nation and yet fear to live in it. Why are we proud of India and yet we want to become NRIs with green cards

How much Americans claim to be globalised but yet how local are they when they just think of themselves. Egocentric minds, ready to kill mere for the sake of oil!!

How do we crave for being rich and yet empathise with the cause to uproot poverty.

The list is endless and we have to end somewhere, so be it…

The ironies and paradoxes are not only at macro level but they preserve and live in the most micro intricacies of our life. This I say because macro is nothing but a reflection of micro on a bigger scale.

Well we (in fact, I) don’t yet know the cause of these paradoxes which have entangled our life or rather our life has entangled these paradoxes. Mere ‘the realisation’ that we are living a paradoxical life is a great effort for any human being. This I am saying with all my modesty because we are too ignorant to be blessed with the knowledge. To dig the causes I need more time and more enlightenment; but dig, I certainly will.