War for Weapons

Here is the much hyped and much revered (of course by some dumb heads) preaching of disarmament by some of the people who themselves are one of the biggest hands in armament of not only US but the whole world.

The significance of arms’ pile and weapon advancement must be understood in context of India’s present situation in world strategy. It is the time when India is confronting with Pakistan on one border and with a burgeoning power Chine on the other border line; not to forget the internal threats of naxalism and separatist politics to security of India. When not only neighbors but family members have become a threat to India’s own security, the emphasis should be on security and not on disarmament which amounts to surrendering before enemy before the war has even started. It will be an utter mockery to Indian strategy if disarmament is being thought of at this point. Though war with weapons are never the only choice India has, there is always a window of Bilateral Negotiations open for issues but what these negotiation will amount to if India does not have a strong hand in the say when negotiating. Even for the peaceful negotiations to be handled on its own terms India will have to show its military prowess.

The article in Times of India has given a great insight on disarmament but I don’t quite think same way as is said about Nuclear Deal with US. When the deal is about and only nuclear issues for civilian purposes, we are in no way jeopardizing our future deterrent capabilities. Moreover it is not that India will have to abide by this deal for eternity. If by any chance India is threatened with imperialism intentions of US then at any time we can scrap the deal.

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