कोई और वक्त हो, कोई और दिन हो, तो मिट भी जाएँगे
तुम्हारे एक इशारे पे

पर आज हाथ थाम लो, और समेट लो बाहों में
आज मेरी हवस है किनारे पे

अश्कों को आज पोछ दो, यह मेरी वफ़ा के टुकड़े हैं
चुभ गए तो, दाग ही लगाएँगे, दामन सारे पे

The facets of YSR

For long time I believed that defeat of TDP and rise of congress in Andhra was due to resilence of rural mass.
But here is something to shatter the myth.

Some think that only Biharis and other North Indians are naturally violent, and that South Indians are meek and mild. The exploits of YSR show otherwise (as do the exploits of Prabhakaran in Sri Lanka).

Propaganda of congress in the media is particularly noteworthy. Check out the moron-giri here and here.
In 2003, YSR undertook a three month long paadayaatra, of nearly 2000 kilometer across the state. That helped him to become Chief Minister.

Shocked by the sudden and tragic end of their leader, 14 people died in different parts of Andhra Pradesh on Thursday.