The One Where Advani Shows Up

Reading the speech of L K Advani has changed my perception of BJP in its entirety. First of all when I read this I laughed my ass off on Advani’s boastings. But when I thought it over and with much inspection I came to realize that it contains more truth than I had imagined.

BJP maybe notorious for its emphasis and handling of Hindutava issue (rather propaganda) but this one issue aside on economic front BJP really has a great agenda. The very thing that is in favour of BJP is that the ideology of BJP is not limited by left or right politics. Their politic behaviour is very much close to realpolitik. Nothing can compare to his reflection that government has no business to do business: “Raja Bane Vyapari, Praja Bane Bhikari”. Apart from that Modi’s win was also not just because of Hindutava issue but good economic policies and governance was also one of the mammoth reasons.

When he talks about GDP he can’t be more true. The intentional over emphasis of UPA ( PM Manmohan and FM Chindabaram) on GDP and Sensex serves only the purpose of alluring Indian people for vote bank and making of an image. I am not saying GDP is bad for Indian economy but the reflection of GDP on Indian poverty is not to be seen. Even the rise of GDP is also not in anyway consequence of government policy; it is all the effect of rising awareness of Indian citizen and liberation of 1991. Well that’s not issue here, it can be discussed separately. The point being that BJP(Advani) at least recognise the problem of lack of good governance.

Congress on the other hand tries its all means to keep the family tradition of keeping the ‘crown of rule’ under its armpit. Congress leadership is not dominated by ideology or politics rather it is dominated by family values of Gandhi-Nehru legacy.

Note: Let it be clear that I do not support any political division or organisation, I am merely concerned with my Bharat. Also I have kept the case of Hindutava just aside and have not disregarded it entirely.


  Harsh Satya

22 February 2008 at 01:25

GDP is not bad, but it is a highly inaccurate way to judge a country's progress. most economists talk about GDP because they dont have any alternate method right now.
even if one person in the country continues to get rich, the GDP will keep rising.
one should read a book named small is beautiful by E F Schumacher. it gives a very good insight into the shortcomings of modern economic system and its parameters of growth.
the issue is not on what platform did modi won. the issue is as a society what solution do we present to a phenomena like modi. at present we dont seem to have any solutions.