Pride and Prejudice

I just was about to write a post on recent celebrations for "victory of India" (Slumdog Millionaire sweep of Oscars). But someone already has caught the essence - "That foreigner's neologism (“slumdog” doesn't exist in real parlance in India, although gali ka kutta, or alley-dog, comes close) is thought to heap more shame on the land than the slums themselves. And yet when that same film, with that same neo-imperialist title, is fêted by tuxedoed Americans at an awards ceremony watched across the globe, Indians burst with pride."

But as response of media was more or less expected, Indian government also wants the piece of pie. This is simply incredible - "India’s ruling Congress party is seeking to capitalise on Slumdog Millionaire’s Oscar victory"

And here is something for bloggers to worry about - Bloggers can be nailed for views

Faltering Obama

I have always considered Barack Obama a 'man with words' since he has been in race for presidency. But if he is a man of his word, was yet to see till he becomes president.
As from the recent news, he has been successfully able to push the stimulus package in face of strong opposition, has banned Guantanamo Bay and has increased troops in Afghanistan. That till now proves him as a good resoluter.
But here is the thing: Though he is successful in passing the bill but he himself has contradicted himself in regards to protectionism. His stimulus bill, as I know, is strongly emphasized in favor of protectionism and yet he has always opposed protectionism.
Secondly, though he closed the jail but torture policies in relation to terrorism are same. Closing a jail doesn't mean anything, in the backdrop of same laws and policies thousand new similar jails can be created.
Thirdly, hard they maybe trying in Afghanistan, Pakistan just submitted to Taliban with the surrender of Swat. That directly means US(not Pakistan) has lost war against Taliban. And till now there hasn't been an action from USA.
Additionally he hasn't tried to clear the air about position on Kashmir. Kashmir is still on agenda and position looks ambiguous. I think as a leader, after becoming president, it was his responsibility to make his intentions clear about Kashmir, not with bureaucratic remarks.

I think times have been taking a heavy toll on 'man with words'.

Note: The above facts are my perceptions of news and opinions I read. Those are not opinion of an expert.

Happy Valentine's Day

For many of us it is difficult to fathom the difference between love and infatuation especially at the time you are of the age, when you seem to love everyone of opposite sex.
I never believed in such a love whether it is platonic or lewd. The only reason is that if ever there is existence of love, how can such a thing be restricted to such a narrowness of material(not being spiritual) things like sex, age, marriage, degree of platonic feelings.
My friends ask me how can you love songs, music and shayari if you don't believe in love. The point is it does not matter. Its not that I believe in love or not, its futile to give a definition to it and then believe in that. Same is the thing with God, it does not matter if it exists or not but its futile to give a definition to God. Its futile to carve out an entity for God.
I think love is just eternal, its all around us. Its the reason we are, not that, it is between us. Therefore it does not matter whether love exists or not, it does not matter if you have to give definition to love or not.

Maybe I will give definition to love when I find one (lame excuse of losers)

Insinuating article: how to get over breakups (its not really about break-ups)

Correction: 1

I apologise for the wrong inferences about a formal address of president in my last post. I accept it was written with a little knowledge. I have modified the contents of post so as not to draw any conclusions.
Thanks Vinod for pointing out.

India's President

I read recent address of president Pratibha Patil to parliament. I drew some wrong conclusions that president is being sycophant. On more inspection I found out, it is actually a formal speech outlining intentions of government, which is identical in nature to a Speech from the Throne.

Though I still wonder why president (the commander of armed forces, above all a neutral body) has to read sycophantic rants of government.

On a more significant note came across this link about history of Pratibha Patil's history(alleged).

Alcohol, Hooligans and India

They had to what they had to do, after all they are hooligans. But it's difficult to digest the fact even the politicians will call it a day in view of political benefits.[Curbing Pub Culture] But ironically the same politicians might realize the dangers of it[Alleged Kidnapping](It is not proved yet, but is it too hard to realize that this is an easy possibility).

Even an idiot can argue that drinking alcohol is strictly one's own prerogative. Yes, if it harms someone else, then there should be strict laws about that. But the story doesn't end here. Apart from gender abuse, religious intolerance and human right violation, it raises more issues to think about.

Myth of Sanskriti/traditional values -
Rather than irritating, it is more of amazing to comprehend the kind of Sanskriti that these hooligans are trying to protect. Is it the Sanskriti that was innate to Hinduism where Gods like Shiva or Indra used to drink liquor of brand Somaras or is it the Sanskriti of Mughals whose religion prohibited them to touch alcohol and so they banned the consumption of alcohol[source]. Literally every person in India has a different definition of the Sanskriti(tradition). What definition will you choose: definition of a slum-dweller, definition of riches like Ambanis, definition of entrepreneurs, definition of middle-class, definition of IT employees, definition of pesants, definition of Shiv-sena, definition of can never end. But to see that, there can be a definition of Sanskriti which instigates folks to use the ways of violence, is amazing.

Come to think of it, Islam ourightly bans alcohol consumption for any Muslim. But in Hindu mythology even Gods like Shiva and Indra consume liquor. Will these moral-protectors of Indian values, adhere that Islam is a better religion in this context?

The consumption of alcohol isn't restricted to Gods in Hindu mythology. Hinduism has been very open about consuming alcohol as a merry-making necessity of life for poor and king equally. And Hinduism is also liberal on precautions in moderation of consumption; punishing the occasional wrong-doers in effect of alcohol with benevolent curses of Gods. But in modern India we have forgotten the righteous attached to alcohol, but have adopted the extremes: either drink of Gods or a drink of uncultured society. Its a shame that we like to call ourselves liberal because it is favored by America and have forgotten our very own culture of tolerance.
On a slightly low note, I read this quote somewhere:
The dipsomaniac and the abstainer are not only both mistaken, but they both make the same mistake. They both regard wine as a drug and not as a drink.[unknown source]

The excuse -
Now for argument sake, lets say that pub culture is ruining the values of teenage girls as well as boys. Lets say there are incidents of rapes, road accidents etc. because of this culture. Now the glitch is to find who is to be blamed about this.
The reaction of moral-parties is to blame the youth, beat them up and lock them in households so that they can come to senses.

It is naive to think that any teenage(or even adult) will go in right direction with alcohol if he/she is not in proper environment. In cities like Bangalore it is difficult to remain unattached to it with loners of IT industry occupying the most part of city. Rather than teaching the moderate way of alcohol, we take the easy way: blame them.
On top of that if there are restrictions/reservation about alcohol in religions of some families, then also, it lies with parents to guide their children about proper way, not with some third party with sticks in hands.

Problem of terrorism -
The gravest problem of all this hooliganism is that this line of thinking becomes the insinuating base of terrorism. First there is intolerance, then there is hatred, then it comes to moral-war and then it becomes Jihad(taking the misinterpreted meaning). Result is bloodshed. This idea cannot be made clearer than by this blogger - Indiacut: The systematic Use of Terror
I wonder what M.Gandhi will have to say about this now - "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win". Problem is in all this 'they' and 'you' are same people - we, the Indians.

It's the wine that leads me on, the wild wine that sets the wisest man to sing at the top of his lungs, laugh like a fool – it drives the man to dancing…it even tempts him to blurt out stories better never told.[The Odyssey]


To fight me, you have to know my fears first
To know my fears you have to know me first
To know me you have to love me first