Pride and Prejudice

I just was about to write a post on recent celebrations for "victory of India" (Slumdog Millionaire sweep of Oscars). But someone already has caught the essence - "That foreigner's neologism (“slumdog” doesn't exist in real parlance in India, although gali ka kutta, or alley-dog, comes close) is thought to heap more shame on the land than the slums themselves. And yet when that same film, with that same neo-imperialist title, is fêted by tuxedoed Americans at an awards ceremony watched across the globe, Indians burst with pride."

But as response of media was more or less expected, Indian government also wants the piece of pie. This is simply incredible - "India’s ruling Congress party is seeking to capitalise on Slumdog Millionaire’s Oscar victory"

And here is something for bloggers to worry about - Bloggers can be nailed for views



25 February 2009 at 08:23

Slumdog is a neo-imperialist title? Obviously someone has not watched Bollywood films. "Kutta" or dog is one of its most favourite abuses. Ask Dharmendra who took the "kutte kamine" bit to new levels!

  Sukesh Kumar

25 February 2009 at 08:38

That, exactly, is the point of contention.
Slumdog is slum+underdog, which means a less able person from slums.
But in India people take its literal meaning i.e. slum dwelling dog(like gandi naali ka keeda).

How can one subvert the difference between English and Hinglish, now...