अनंत परीक्षा

आज़ादी जो मिली तुझे, आज मांगती बलिदान है!
गुलामी की ज़ंज़ीर थी, आज इंद्रधनुष समान है!!

कर्म जो ना कर रहा, क्या ईशर की संतान है!
ज़िंदगी जो है तेरी, अजीब दास्तान है!!

लिख रहा है वो जो ये विधि का विधान है!
पर आज तू भी हो खड़ा, जो बाहू बल पे मान है!!


बाज़ारो में हमारे भी अब चर्चे होने लगे हैं!!!
इश्क में हम भी नापाक जो होने लगे हैं!

कि आज हम भी खवाबों के साथ रूबरू होने लगे हैं!
बड़ी मुद्दत की नींद के बाद जागने जो लगे हैं!!!


पिछली बार जब आया था यहाँ,

तो जाने वाली इक राह पकड़ी थी!

आने वाली इक राह से चल कर,

आज फिर उसी चोराहे पे खड़ा हूँ!!

My Last Day/Goodbye Email

After a stint of three years in software industry, the time finally came to say goodbye to my company. I am putting here my last day mail (I have edited all names(tags in bold) as to take care of confidentiality):

May 31, 2010

Today’s my last day in the company. It’s been a roller coaster time of three years of ups and downs; and the thing with roller coasters is that ‘downs’ are more thrilling than ‘ups’.

More than the fact that this was my first job what matters is that this would be the only job where I worked as Software Engineer. It is as unfortunate as it is fortunate for me to say that it’s time to move on.

Three years, so many people, so many lives, so many moments, so many meetings, so many cafeteria meetings, so many workflows, so many VOBs, so many lines of codes AND just a single mail to sum it up, to confine it into few words!!! To understand just one life, you have to swallow the world. Apologies for a long mail, for the first time I take freedom of not being brief.

Working with 'first of managers' was a memorable experience. The most important aspect of that time would be that I never felt working for someone else but for myself. I am thankful to them for giving me that kind of environment and the opportunities. I hope I could do justice to the faith put in me by them.

I could take my work to next level with the opportunity provided to me by 'second team'; I am thankful to them for that. It was pleasure to work in 'second team' and to be a part of great things in making.

As much as I would want to deny this, I know I have been a difficult person to manage. And I am really thankful to ‘the person' for almost always being tolerant and lenient towards me.

Needless to mention (because it is very obvious) yet so important is that I will dearly miss 'P's' pongal. He has been there with me for almost entire period as a constant companion at work and at fun outside work. I am going to miss all those fun filled times with him.

For 'V team-members', I just want to say thanks to them ‘for being them’. They have been great team-mates. I was fortunate to work with such people who were my friends more than my colleagues.

The experience with rest of the 'V team' has been great. I appreciate all the support and help they have provided me with and want to thank them for it.

There are 'people' who joined with me as freshers. I will miss all the fun we had in Diamond District, during training and in company.

I take this opportunity to thank (which I never did in past) people from 'RG team' for their blessed company during my travels. The business-travels seemed more like summer-vacations with them; I will miss their company and those vacations.

I really enjoyed the company of many newbie. Working with some younger ones made me realize that I am not the youngest person anymore, which I used to be in any group. Sharing my knowledge and gaining knowledge from them is something which has been delightful escape from my own assigned work.
I have a word of advice also for them: Never ever play safe and never seek blind advices. Always try to do experiments and mistakes. A messed-up-deliverable done on your own is far better than quality-deliverable done by spoon-feeding.

I am thankful to 'test team people' in whom I have found friends and who have been critical in my technical improvement. Their bugs have been inspiration (in form of haunting ghosts) for improvement.

I am thankful to all those whose name I missed. There are lot of other people who helped me through this time and have laughed and joked with me.

I want to apologise if I hurt anyone while discharging my duties. I never intended to hurt anyone personally and I am leaving here with no hard feelings for anyone. I hope you could forgive me if there is anything I did wrong.

In the end I would say that I have had a collection of more complains and few compliments all these years. It won’t be wrong to say that often I myself end up making it hard for anyone to appreciate me. But I will always remember a compliment (I consider it a compliment) given to me by one of colleagues that goes sort of like this, “You are one of few rebels in our team, you should not leave here”.
It said so much in so less…But it’s a ladder called life and it’s not always about stepping up, some times you got to step down.

Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes.
The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can praise them, disagree with them, quote them, disbelieve them, glorify or vilify them.
About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They invent. They imagine. They heal. They explore. They create. They inspire. They push the human race forward.
Maybe they have to be crazy.

Warmest Regards,
(No longer a Software Engineer)

बारिश में आँसू

हर शै निस्सार होती है आदमी के कदमो पे,
आदमी बस गुरूर को नहीं जीत पाता!
सावन की बूँदें आंसुओ को छुपा लेती हैं,
वरना वो फखर का मारा रो भी नहीं पाता!!


मदहोश रह के ही सही, ज़िंदगी को बहुत करीब से देखा है!
खुदा को तो नहीं देखा पर सिकंदर को मुक्कदर से हारते देखा है!!
के नसीब से लड़ने वालो को ठोकरों से दोस्ती करते देखा है!!!

IPL's shame

P Sainath has raised an important issue about subsidies being showered to billionaires in the veil of promoting business and cricket. While IPL is already under scrutiny for its dilution of cricket as sports and political nexus that hounds the big money involved in IPL. But there is bigger issue of public money being at stake in IPL's promotion that has been raised in article.
Subsidy is given to businesses in purview of the risk they are taking for improving opportunity in employment in the given region. In context of IPL’s match hosting the subsidies are contradictory to any sane logic.
The foremost reason of subsidy would be the promotion of cricket as sports in India. IPL is seen as launch pad of talent and emerging players. But in India it is other sports which have danger from the already gained position of cricket.
When tax subsidies are given, generally they are because of the impact of corresponding business on employment. As most of game is revolved around already set-up business of entertainment in form of media and TV and not product or service is being manufactured which could provide employment to common man, this factor nulls itself.
With a big schedule that spans more than a month the individual matches cater to entertainment to particular city apart from media. The argument that it could promote tourism and exposure of the city globally has little validity.

While holding of international events like Commonwealth games can be key factor in bringing good money to a city and improving infrastructure and exposure of the city, the same is far irrelevant to domestic IPL games besides the fact that international players are roped in for IPL teams.
The recent row has brought the lack of transparency in Indian Cricket and BCCI's dealings to the fore. Lest the great showcase event of IPL becomes a national shame, it's time that cricket's financial dealings are made transparent and regulatory authorities be made independent from politics and businesses.


According the most earliest reports the tax slabs look for year 2009-10 and 2010-11 looks something like this:

0 to 1,60,000
No tax
1,60,001 to 3,00,000
3,00,001 to 5,00,000
Above 5,00,000

0 to 1,60,000
No tax
1,60,001 to 5,00,000
5,00,001 to 8,00,000
Above 8,00,000

To sum up a middle class family of income 5,00,000 per year will be paying 34,000 instaed of 54,000. Thats huge load shedding from tax payers's shoulders in itself.

And then if, for fiscal consolidation there are steps to increase oil prices, that's not very big deal. Oil prices already are grossly manipulated(lowered, would be correct word) that this step actually is a right step. And as far as first look tells, there is going to be less burden on common man seeing other public expenditures.

But, oh the ironic fate of Indian politics, for the first time in Indian history there is collective walkout from parliament by joint opposition during a budget speech. Here is the point: this walkout is done by politicians who have least understanding of economics, are chosen by Indian public for highest Indian service who managed to disrespect one of the highest Indian institution (parliament), and thus in a way disrespecting themselves, in utterly distasteful media propaganda. How can someone be so dumb as to walkout without first fully understanding the budget to showcase a knee jerk response on just one clause!!


Sometime back prime minister himself had described the naxalism to be greatest internal threat. But as global markets and share markets once bounced back from recession, even Afghan-Pakistan issue also lost its charm in the euphoria from mainstream media leave alone naxalism. Just before Pune blasts, most recently the blantant showcase of commercialised politics was on display in the from of security to MNIK.

But two recent happenings(Abduction and Killings) have shown that four decade old problem of naxalism is not so easy to be forgotten. In my view, graver is the problem of romanticism with naxalism than the actual problem of naxalism. A lot of folks(intellectuals) I have come across defines it as ideological battle between supressed men and government. The same intellectuals tend to ignore the human rights of common man while shouting loud for the rights of naxalites. But the realities come out quite opppsite way. Take for instance recent abduction, abduction of an innocent officer to free their own people doesn't feel like very humanaly. Killing 10 innocent villagers just because someone didn't adhere to their ideology again doesn't seem to be ways of suppressed men.
I think this is the worst kind of terrorism because when some remote group of people attack on us in the name of jihad, we know it is not our people, it becomes easy to point out someone; but when extremism rises from our own backyards, it is difficult to root out the bad weed without touching the good crop.

कहाँ हैं?

अगर आपने यह गीत पहेले नहीं सुना हुआ तो ज़रूर सुनिए| रोज़ रोज़ ऐसे गीत नहीं बनते जो देश की नीह को हिला के रख दे| अगर आपको गीत के बोल समझ नहीं आ रहे या अर्थ नहीं समझ आ रहा तो यहाँ पे आपको तथ्य मिल सकते हैं|

आखें - तेरी या मेरी

तेरी आखें
आखो का दिल से कैसा नाता है यह...
निगाहे कोई झुकती हैं तो हसरतें बिखर जाती हैं!
दिल्लगी करती है ज़ुबान से फिर यह...
जो उठ जाती हैं तो ज़ुबान सिमट जाती है!!

मेरी आखें
आखो का दिल से कैसा नाता है यह...
नज़रें गिरती हैं रुखसार पे, तो हसरतें बिखर जाती हैं!
दिल्लगी करती है ज़ुबान से फिर यह...
की खुद तो नज़्म गा जाती हैं, ज़ुबान सिमट जाती है!!