Sometime back prime minister himself had described the naxalism to be greatest internal threat. But as global markets and share markets once bounced back from recession, even Afghan-Pakistan issue also lost its charm in the euphoria from mainstream media leave alone naxalism. Just before Pune blasts, most recently the blantant showcase of commercialised politics was on display in the from of security to MNIK.

But two recent happenings(Abduction and Killings) have shown that four decade old problem of naxalism is not so easy to be forgotten. In my view, graver is the problem of romanticism with naxalism than the actual problem of naxalism. A lot of folks(intellectuals) I have come across defines it as ideological battle between supressed men and government. The same intellectuals tend to ignore the human rights of common man while shouting loud for the rights of naxalites. But the realities come out quite opppsite way. Take for instance recent abduction, abduction of an innocent officer to free their own people doesn't feel like very humanaly. Killing 10 innocent villagers just because someone didn't adhere to their ideology again doesn't seem to be ways of suppressed men.
I think this is the worst kind of terrorism because when some remote group of people attack on us in the name of jihad, we know it is not our people, it becomes easy to point out someone; but when extremism rises from our own backyards, it is difficult to root out the bad weed without touching the good crop.



18 February 2010 at 19:32

Ok, so whats the point?

  Sukesh Kumar

19 February 2010 at 11:43

point was that there are always casualties of innocents(good crop) when dealing with naxalism(bad weed) ;)