Faltering Obama

I have always considered Barack Obama a 'man with words' since he has been in race for presidency. But if he is a man of his word, was yet to see till he becomes president.
As from the recent news, he has been successfully able to push the stimulus package in face of strong opposition, has banned Guantanamo Bay and has increased troops in Afghanistan. That till now proves him as a good resoluter.
But here is the thing: Though he is successful in passing the bill but he himself has contradicted himself in regards to protectionism. His stimulus bill, as I know, is strongly emphasized in favor of protectionism and yet he has always opposed protectionism.
Secondly, though he closed the jail but torture policies in relation to terrorism are same. Closing a jail doesn't mean anything, in the backdrop of same laws and policies thousand new similar jails can be created.
Thirdly, hard they maybe trying in Afghanistan, Pakistan just submitted to Taliban with the surrender of Swat. That directly means US(not Pakistan) has lost war against Taliban. And till now there hasn't been an action from USA.
Additionally he hasn't tried to clear the air about position on Kashmir. Kashmir is still on agenda and position looks ambiguous. I think as a leader, after becoming president, it was his responsibility to make his intentions clear about Kashmir, not with bureaucratic remarks.

I think times have been taking a heavy toll on 'man with words'.

Note: The above facts are my perceptions of news and opinions I read. Those are not opinion of an expert.



19 February 2009 at 12:37

Did US actually a have torture policies ? :P

Anyway good stuff prety informative :)

But I also think this whole thing about prisons,etc., is just the 'democrat' way. You know..if the republicans come to power u would have defence budget hitting the room , prison operations back to where they are, etc.,

ps: off the charts, concidentially, i played obama last week in a skit and all i had to do was "globe" / do bakar !

  Sukesh Kumar

19 February 2009 at 12:58

Thats what I am talking about!! It can be brought back again. It mentions only closure of jail, not implementation of any law/policy etc.

I know definition of 'globe' :D
Obama role - quite an easy task for you...:P you should consider something challenging like terrorist or something where you need to show action not globe :P