The War for Pakistan

This Paper is ideal insight of how history is distorted to rule over ingenuous mass.
This Video could help wash the myths about Benazir Bhutto's popular image in India.
This Interview could help incarnate an image of Asif Zardari in India. Though what he says is quite unbelievable. Only the time could tell the truth.


  Harsh Satya

13 March 2008 at 17:02

the article was interesting, though expected. it would be foolish on our part to assume the indian history books are accurate. our history is what british wanted us to believe and the pro-western mindset of today's youth has a lot to do with the history books in school.
i think it was historical on part of deoband to condemn terrorism. i was actually quite surprised and happy to see this happen. i think it is perfect time for some big hindu group to condemn gujarat riots. i personally believe what happened in gujarat has resulted in some indian muslims to take up terrorism.
on asif zardari, well i dont know how much to trust him. just because he is saying good things about india and sonia gandhi, i cant trust him. he has a long history of corruption.