Delhi Female Births

This is the news in BBC: Delhi female births rise hailed.
>>The news has been hailed as a gender revolution in a country that has been struggling to get >>the balance right.

Calling it a 'revolution' and 'being hailed' is height of exaggeration, as calling it a news(for Indians) itself is too much. I am yet to see this news in any major Indian newspaper or on news-websitee. Indian media believes in 'ignorance is bliss' for every kind of news apart from which concerns gays or Bollywood.

On top of that mere growth in female births doesn't coclude anything. Any conclusion on behavioral change of people's mind related to female birth would also need percentage change in female foeticides happened in that year compared to previous year. And to become 'revolution' the trend would have to continue for a few years more. It could be a mere chance that in year 2008 newly-wed males were abundant in X chromosomes.



14 August 2009 at 16:43

nice take ..