The Violent Poise

It was the time when my senses were engaged in doing the terrible task of fabricating non-sense vagaries. While stealing defeats time and again from jaws of victory I did not realise that I had come to a lonely place full of people. These are the people who happen to be entities of same category of species that I am. But why do I don’t have a bit of ado about them is a perplexing phenomenon that haunts my cells in neural space.

These cells are engaged in a complex process of sustaining life in hostile environment bounded by complex realities and perspectives generated by the complex processes we do at every moment that passes by. The choices we make for ourselves reflect themselves at large in an apparently invisible manner upon the very dynamics of our environment which precisely had us made choices in the first place. The chaos that are underneath this blanket of equilibrium disillusion even an extra ordinary eye but the fact remains that the calm composed sea exhibits its true nature only when tide comes.
The composure of the aggressive nature of human being to be the best continues through eternity which brought me to a shore where I could see nothing but the waves that flooded my soul with blood.

I could see my vision and it struck me like a thought. The thought was an eternity in itself, tempting to the point that one could immerse himself in his own.
Now I know everything is vanity, the vanity itself is.