Mere Mumbai or India?

Once again, terrorists can count another masterpiece against the failure of government in standing unto its words. Anything to say is sheer wastage of words. But I felt guilty of not mentioning this terror in my blog which for ages is exploiting the Indian soil.
I feel like shouting loud in all my helplessness. But I will have to be content with small rant.
Some were surmising the damages in vicinity of attacks. Others were updating the sequences of last terrorist attacks from far away.

Just wondering what all politicians(Lalu Prasad, Advani likes) will say on these attacks. What will they have in defense of their words?? But will the defend their words at all or will they achieve new heights of dumbness?? And wonder, where will people like Raj Thackeray find place in all this.



27 November 2008 at 20:16

don't blame yourself. Never forget the role media have played in making you more unsafe and India more vulnerable. They are the ones who have been selling you the story that all is well. Even today morning HT's lead story, obviously politically motivated, was that terror is not an election issue with voters. There is an almost incestuous relationship between some media stars and India's so called secular parties. You have just been fooled by them, like many have. But, don't make the same mistake next time and educate as many people as you can about the responsibility that their vote carries.

  Sukesh Kumar

28 November 2008 at 18:02

thanks a lot, Vinod
and yes you are absolutely right. Our ignorance has what has lead us to here.
We will surely have to make amends for it.
And we will.