The facets of YSR

For long time I believed that defeat of TDP and rise of congress in Andhra was due to resilence of rural mass.
But here is something to shatter the myth.

Some think that only Biharis and other North Indians are naturally violent, and that South Indians are meek and mild. The exploits of YSR show otherwise (as do the exploits of Prabhakaran in Sri Lanka).

Propaganda of congress in the media is particularly noteworthy. Check out the moron-giri here and here.
In 2003, YSR undertook a three month long paadayaatra, of nearly 2000 kilometer across the state. That helped him to become Chief Minister.

Shocked by the sudden and tragic end of their leader, 14 people died in different parts of Andhra Pradesh on Thursday.



4 September 2009 at 14:38

About your first line :
It jus another stereotyping of southindians nothing more than that ;) ..
The YSR the state saw from 2003-2009 is very different from the aggressive .. factionist style leader of previous years

About the rest:
Some 70 ppl died it seems .. largely heart attacks and suicides .. which is higher than the swineflu count of pune + hyderabad i guess ..
And his padayatra definitely helped in the meteoric rise ..
In the current scenario.. he is the most popular leader for congress in entire india .. there is no other leader in the current crop across the country who can pull in so many crowds :) ..
Dont forget .. he gave 29 seats in 2004 and 33 in 2009 .. without YSR that sort of a resort wouldnt have been possible ..
So he deserves every bit of the farewell he is getting :)

  Sukesh Kumar

4 September 2009 at 14:56

1. Agreed that YSR of 2003-2009 was very different, but when you are CM it would count as jeopardizing one's own governance if you start factional leadership.

2. Aah, you could not escape illusion. YSR was not some Rajnikant or Chirnajivi that people would die for. The point of pointing that point was that random deaths are made to look like repercussions of big event.

3. Padyatra helped a lot, but only if padyatras could made CMs out of human beings, I would be one too.

4. I agree with the status of YSR as you describe. But consider this: how many people outside Andhra and Karnataka know this man, that he deserves to be in continuous media reporting? To me it seems nothing more than wretchedness of Indian media or a congress propaganda. Congress can give whatever farewell it wants to give to YSR but when media seems to be biased, there is something fishy!!


4 September 2009 at 15:28

@2 :

They are not bloody random deaths ! .. the deaths just show how close he was to the hearts of people . These deaths atleast were not doctored .. they were just natural reactions .. suicides ofcourse i cant understand .. but heart-attacks is not a surprise .. knowing the kind of mania ysr triggered in the last 6-7 yrs.

Atleast in this state this mass mania is almost as equal to that triggered by one mr NTR

@3 :

Not anyone can do a padyatra .. a postman would have walked much more than ysr .. but tat doesnt really mean anything .. in this context people like you and me are just tat mere postmen ... tat padyatra is something that has amazed politicians across the country and analysts across the world .

@4 :
If ppl didnt know before .. they can know now .. like i said .. if a person leads the state that contains the highest/near-highest number of loksabha seats for a ruling party for 2 terms in succession .. he is not just a mere regional leader ...

And abt ur media crib .. regional media ofcourse will show it 24x7 .. wat else is happening in the state in the last 2 days ?? .. Nothing .. everything has come to a standstill .. and tats a fact .. no exaggeration .. abt urban english media .. well that just shows the impact the man had on national politics ..

Either you are new to this country and its people ... or you just dont understand mass-politics of this country.


4 September 2009 at 15:43

Do u have any idea abt the person abt whom u wrote this??? AP was in a golden period during his tenure as the CM. All those projects (like ethipotala and chevella), all the development schemes he introduced (like 108 services),all those infrasturual developments(like elevated express highways, international airport), all those schemes started by TDP which generally should have been scrapped when the govt changed but still continued just because they serve the common man; if 70 people dying was something created by media by associating deaths, then all the people who attended swearing in ceremony at LB stadium 5 yrs ago and 4 months ago was also a hype of media, which obviously cant happen.
This person was one guy who changed the face of AP and Hyderabad city. Padayatra.. yah try walking 2000 km and ask for a CM post. They will definitely give you. Do not make unnecessary and stupid comments about a person who died under tragic circumstances and who is worshiped by people. If whatever u said was true, there wouldnt be a 7 day mourning period, there wouldnt be a situation where all the entertainment channels were halted, there wouldnt be almost one lakh people ( more than those who come for road shows of rajinikanth or chiranjeevi) standing b the road just to offer a farewell to the leader who won their hearts.

and factionism, factionists are not those people who always try to kill others. They are the people who fight with someone for the sake of the public, may be in a violent manner. Still there is always a reason.

as of your question about how many people know about him outside andhra?? Let me tell you one thing. I saw more than half my friends list in gtalk (which has 90% of the people from north india) having RIP YSR as their status message. Even if the media creates a hype about a death, people wouldnt keep it as a status message unless they know him already.

So, with all due respect i request you to get your facts right before writing anything about a person like Dr.YSR.

  Sukesh Kumar

4 September 2009 at 17:02

about deaths, that's really personal opinion; in your view those are because of death really, in my view those are just coincidence. :)
padyatra may have given him a lot of leverage but in my view at that time "Naidu being anti-rural perception" played a lot of role. 'I would be CM' was just sort of a metaphor to make the argument.

A human being is not a God and on top of that I don't even believe in God. Every person has certain limitations and certain positive traits. I believe YSR also belonged to same human category.

>>Do not make unnecessary and stupid comments about a person who died under tragic circumstances and who is worshiped by people.

In my original post I only mentioned how my myth shattered about a person and about media bias towards a particular event.
I believe I am entitled to my opinion, isn't it...