For the first time in the history of world Sari-clad cheerleaders will perform in a cricket match.

"The girls will not wear short skirts as has been done in many other places because it would be against our culture and tradition. Our audience will not accept it. They will have modest traditional attire. They will be dressed as per our tradition and culture.", Orissa Cricket Association (OCA) secretary Ashirbad Behera told IANS.

Seems like cheer leading is in favor of their acclaimed culture and tradition but 'cheer leading with short skirts' is not. I wonder what he has to say to bikini clad swimmers. If he had his way, Indian women will have to wear sari in swimming events of Olympics.

And what if a cheerleader with sari has to perform this act?

I can totally imagine an Oriya girls lifting her sari up to do the trick.


  mauj baba

24 November 2009 at 13:52

too good post bhaiya .... :)