Happy Valentine's Day

For many of us it is difficult to fathom the difference between love and infatuation especially at the time you are of the age, when you seem to love everyone of opposite sex.
I never believed in such a love whether it is platonic or lewd. The only reason is that if ever there is existence of love, how can such a thing be restricted to such a narrowness of material(not being spiritual) things like sex, age, marriage, degree of platonic feelings.
My friends ask me how can you love songs, music and shayari if you don't believe in love. The point is it does not matter. Its not that I believe in love or not, its futile to give a definition to it and then believe in that. Same is the thing with God, it does not matter if it exists or not but its futile to give a definition to God. Its futile to carve out an entity for God.
I think love is just eternal, its all around us. Its the reason we are, not that, it is between us. Therefore it does not matter whether love exists or not, it does not matter if you have to give definition to love or not.

Maybe I will give definition to love when I find one (lame excuse of losers)

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