Birth of third front

Third front is born with Left(CPI) at its helms. Below is how I see Left as a hypocrite anti-development bunch of politicians with no ideology except power hunger.

"He said the non-BJP, non-Congress coalition would stand for the interests of the vast majority of Indians, defend secular values and fight for social justice."
Need I remind of Nandigram

"Perceptions will change. In states where our coalition is running governments much development has taken place and industry has grown. I don’t see why industry or corporates should feel that this coalition will be less favourable or hostile to them,"
"Karat, whose party withdrew support to the Congress-led government in July last year over the India-US nuclear deal, said successive governments had failed to resolve grave economic problems confronting the country."
Resolution of Tata Plant issue is a mockery to above statement

"What does 9 percent growth mean for common man? We still have farmers committing suicide. We have shortage of food items, which makes life miserable for common man"
Talk about suicides(suicide by a farmer or a common man)

"I don't think there is any leader or party in the Third Front who would not want to be PM. When the time comes to select the PM candidate, the Third Front will split," said Ghulam Nabi Azad, Congress leader in charge of the party in Karnataka."
I hope the situation of third front choosing a PM never arises.



13 March 2009 at 10:21

Absolutely right. Hunger is the only ideology at work here. Rather than hope for good luck for getting a stable non-crippled government, it is time to look at removing the "luck factor" by bringing about crying changes to or model of democracy.