30 something

In a few days I will be on wrong side of 30. While there is no dearth of sage advices in the form of “30 things to do before you turn 30”s and I believe I have read almost all of those, thanks to diverse friend list on facebook with exaggerated sense of their own identity. The only problem is you cannot complete the bucket list when there is only a month to go and when you are younger you really don’t consider age threshold for what you are doing.

Unbelievably, almost all those advices focus around being married, not being married, falling in love, traveling, finding right job, friends, education, health etc. It’s unbelievable because these are all the things which are anyway part of any regular person’s life be it before thirty or after thirty.

I, for my part, had a life which only few could boast of. A lot of travel, lot of friends, a remarkable education, fulfilling jobs, nurtured my hobbies, have fallen in love, have been loved etc. etc. But the catch is, it is still incomplete; it always will be. It’s amazing, if you see, life is like a bottomless glass; it never spills as much as you try to fill it. There is always something incomplete or something new to be done.

Every clichéd story that you ever hear in your lifetime has only one summary: “To be happy find someone or something you love and be with one (do that thing) for the rest of your life”. The only problem is being ready. Being ready for the moment when it arrives!

The thing I really seem to be saying is that no one really can plan their lives; which is very trivial thing to say but escapes almost every one of us. We can only ponder about past and future in the form of nostalgia and dreams respectively. But the only thing I have realized till now is life is in present. Always has been!